Thursday, January 1, 2015

one word..2015

nurture ~ to foster care, nourish, encourage, cultivate..

And so, we farewell the year that was and welcome in the new.

My 2014 was, well, momentous actually.  There were so many significant moments of varying emotion.  The weight of grief, the terror of bushfires, elation, gratitude and joy for the simplicity of life and the gifts that surround us.

It's a year that I am pleased to see come to a close, while at the same time, feeling overwhelmingly grateful for experiences that have challenged me, enlightened me and changed me.

I'm still learning to embrace the changes, they go way down deep, and so the word I choose this year needs to open me up and be a constant reminder.

My word this year will be nurture. It's a lot broader than to just nurture myself, I know I need to do that.  Finding balance, taking care of myself in order to take care of my family, it goes without saying, and I need to give this much greater priority.  But to nurture also needs to be about giving back, and it needs to be far less about me.  I want to nurture the foundations that surround me, within my family, my community, and the village that I want to be a part of.

What's your 'one word' for the year ahead?  You can share it with Bron..

Happy New Year to you, friends.  May 2015 bring all that you hope for x


  1. What a beautiful sentiment, Mel. I hope 2015 is a kind year to you - you need and wholeheartedly deserve a kind year. x

  2. Happy New Year! We all deserve a lot of that, great word to guide your year. xx N

  3. Nourish was my word in 2014 and like you said with nurture it was about more than taking care of myself (although that was a big part of it including honouring my needs).I hope you enjoy nurturing those foundations around you.

  4. *popped over from Maxabella Loves 'One Word' Link-Up*

    Nurture is one of my favourite words and it's a word I often use as a 'value'. I want to be the kind of person who nurtures others. I hope you have a beautiful and nurturing year.


  5. There have been so many sad events this year. I commented in my post about kindness and how it could change the world. I think that nurture is one in the same. Such an important word and one that could change the world, or even just your little piece of it x

  6. Best wishes for a lovely nurturing year xx

  7. This is the second nurture I've come across and I think it is an awesome word. All the best for a nurturing 2015 x

  8. Nurture is a beautiful word and sentiment. I hope you get back as much nurturing as you put out, Mel x

  9. Such a beautiful and powerful word. I hope 2015 is nurturing and nourishes you & your family with wonder, love and joy xx


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