Sunday, May 4, 2014

family time..

baby's hunter vest by gorgeous wendy at small forest shop
husband photo's edited by me

The weather forecasts for Saturday were rain, rain and more rain, but when I woke the sun was shining so brightly through our bedroom windows it looked like a perfectly sunny autumn day.  I didn't hesitate, we got ourselves organised, threw some gear in the car and set off for a drive along the coast.  

By the time we picked up our takeaway coffee, dark clouds had moved in and the promised rain began to sprinkle. It didn't matter, taking a scenic drive along our most beautiful coastline, all of us together, was a pretty great way to spend a day regardless of the weather.  Family time, just us, no devices, nothing but the radio, maybe a book, some travel crochet and conversation.

Silly dad jokes, eye rolls and belly laughs from the back seat.  Quiet time to sit and think, look out the window and take in the beauty and drama of wild seas.  I crave this time together, I long for days just like it.  Of course family time wouldn't be complete without someone being in the sulks almost the entire day (note the underdressed one, refusing to put on a coat but grizzling relentlessly about how cold he was), or a screaming baby protesting because all she wants to do is be right there in the water.  But a stop off for fish and chips and all is well and calm again.

The rain set in and the winds were crazy, so there was a lot of time just driving.  We were happy to get home to warm showers, homemade pizza for dinner and movie night.

Next time we plan to stop somewhere overnight and make a weekend of it, I'm looking forward to that.


  1. The stokings. The gumboots. That face. She is just divine! Lovely photos, Mel!

  2. Ooo look, it's you in one of your lovely cowly creations!!! Btw, that girl is still adorable even mid tanty!!! x

  3. Ok, excuse me while I go squeal in the corner! Look at those delicious baby thighs in that sweet, sweet outfit! Can't get enough. And your beautiful words truly paint such a lovely picture, Mel.

  4. your photos are so beautiful, your family so precious xx


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