Sunday, March 2, 2014


a portrait of my children..

olive: a milestone, stacking blocks with such care and co-ordination

james: you taught yourself to click your fingers! we thought it was hilarious, and slightly shocking that we'd come this far without having taught you this yet, even your little brother could do did we overlook that?! 

eddie: reading is becoming more and more of a chore to you, sadly.  we're trying to excite you and help you to see the magic of books, but some days it all becomes too distressing, for all of us! so we've signed up for reading eggs and taken a visit to the library in the hope to re-inspire..we might have had a break through, so far so good

no harvey portrait this week, it's becoming harder to get regular pictures of him these days.  

Actually, I haven't even managed to pick up my camera this week, these were all quick grabs of the iphone, capturing moments as I saw them happening.  All fairly significant moments that I'm glad I managed to record.


  1. You capture such beautiful images Mel.
    Hope you have a great week, Dee x

  2. Thank goodness for iphones, hey?! I'd be lost without mine. Somehow the first little one got so many more photos taken of him than the little Miss does. But having my phone with me means I capture the important moments! xx

  3. So love those old wooden blocks. play is timeless xx


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