Sunday, January 19, 2014


a portrait of my children..

olive: blinds drawn to keep out the scorching heat and you can't help but sit right there in the hot sun..a week indoors has not been much fun but you've kept yourself entertained exploring every inch of this house..

james: using your new boogie board for the first time and having a blast! you can't get enough of riding those crisp, white waves..though you did get dumped which gave you enough of a fright to take five..

eddie: after a week away at nan and pops (previous post) stepping into the sea at dusk for you truly was coming home, it was written all over your face..

harvey: you practically had the ocean to yourself, cooling off after another 44 degree day and you could have stayed there rolling in those fresh gentle waves forever..

joining in with Jodi at practicing simplicity.. 


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