Saturday, April 3, 2010


I thought after our ripping effort doing the garage sale circuit around town last week that I'd give it a miss this weekend.  Being Easter, having guests, going to parties & family picnics, I just didn't think there would be time....
Fortunately, I did manage to steal a few spare minutes.  There was a garage sale just around the corner which turned out wasn't offering much.  Then, a little further up the road was another sign with balloons, this one was a sweet little girl selling her much loved toys, puzzles, bits & bobs, nothing for me here.  I was about to head home but was detoured due to a footy match & what do you know, another garage sale sign! I followed the balloon trail & was very excited to come home with this little boot load of treasure...all for $25!

More projects, hooray! 

A three drawer chest, a single (really deep)drawer side table, stool & tablecloths.  I have plans for everything here & can't wait to get started...

In fact I didn't wait long...made the stool a new removeable cover using one of the tablecloths!

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Happy Easter everyone... 


  1. That stool looks fabulous!!!
    I really love the look of the single drawer table. Can't wait to see what you do with it! Great finds again!!!!!!

  2. Great finds & transformations, Happy Easter, love Posie

  3. well done!! a removable cover, very appropriate with grubby fingers!

  4. The stool looks great. It is so good that you are getting all your projects done, tell me your secret. Your sewing table came up nicely as well. Good work girrrl!! xxNick

  5. Excellent job on the stool - love it!

  6. Ooh wow, I do like that side table! I think I am having one of the weekends that you almost had, no garage sale signs around at allll yesterday! Might have to take a drive for a hunt today.

  7. Ohhh WOW to get something home and transform it straight away - that's a talent I'd love to have. Gorgeous finds ;)

  8. wow - that was swift work! Congrats on getting to the refurbishment so soon - sometimes it is best to strike while the iron is hot!

  9. Wow! What a wonderful stash you have there! And the new look stool looks fabulous! Great work.
    Sophie x


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